Jul 30

Tread 1 Watch By Devon Works

Tread 1 Watch By Devon Works

During my recent visit to the Hamptons, I was surrounded by luxury. From million dollar homes to exotic automobiles of all flavors, it was definitely a show. The one thing that really blew me away was a watch worn by a gentleman I was standing next to while enjoying the festivities. The watch in question is the Tread 1.

Tread 1 Watch By Devon Works

The Tread 1 is truly an engineering marvel. The movement of the Tread 1 utilizes an interwoven system of time belts. So think of it like a series of attached treadmills pulling each other in some sort of scientific system to tell time. The Tread 1 also makes use of WI-FI technology; so wireless charging! The watch is a bold statement to say the least. To make this kind of statement will run you 15,000.00 dollars on the cool.

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  1. Wavy Maguire


  2. Lx

    amazing time piece!

  3. G-Boogie

    wow….just wow

  4. Kato McKessey

    Amazing time piece. I think I may want it.

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