Sep 20

Dell Inspiron Duo Laptop

With this year’s release of the Apple iPad, it should be no surprise that other computer manufacturers will step up and deliver their own take on the tablet computer design.

Now up to bat is Dell with its Inspiron Duo. The Inspiron Duo features a spicy little swivel that gives the user the option to switch from the tablet touch format and then back to a regular keyboard laptop.

While I am not a big fan of Dell, I am a fan of touchscreen and keyboard combinations ala the Blackberry Torch. The Dell Inspiron Duo is powered with Windows 7 Premium and a dual core Atom N550 processor.

As far as other specifications and the price on this model, we will all have to wait for information. The release is slated for later this year. Video after the pictures.

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  1. Wavy Maguire


  2. The Ski & Critical Show


  3. Lx

    This looks kool.

  4. TheFINERWoman

    Cute. Probably won’t ever really touch my beloved Apple though.

  5. TheoGretzinger

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