Nov 08

Fuente Fuente Opus X Petit Lancero Cigar Review

Binder: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Dominican Republic Rosado
Tobacco:  Dominican Republic
Length: 6 1/4
Ring Gauge: 39

Okay I am not sure how to start this review without sounding outwardly biased. Ever since I caught the cigar bug, I have heard great things far and wide about the Aurturo Fuente Opus X cigar line. I finally got to try this smoke out last week and I was literally floored by how good this stick was.

Made by the Aurturo Fuente family, all Opus X cigars are made with 100% Dominican tobacco that has been cured in rum barrels before being rolled. All cigars are then aged for about a year before any packaging takes place.At first inspection you can’t help being drawn in by the deep reddish-brown rosado wrapper. The seams were airtight and the veins were minimal. The torpedo like cap is non-traditional for a thin lancero vitola (size/shape) but it still works.

The cigar felt firm throughout as well. And this goes without saying the Opus X band is one of the best looking in the entire industry.

Upon toasting the foot I got some wonderful notes of earthiness. The draw was wide open and I got nice amounts of smoke with each pull. I made sure to pay close attention when I lit it with my torch but nevertheless the burn started off a little crazy.

Rounding into the second third of this puro, a cigar made completely with tobacco from the same country, I am really enjoying it. This is a full-bodied smoke that is deep with earthy and woodsy flavors with some subtle cocoa undertones that leave your palette wanting more.

The ash is holding strong and is burning ever so slowly which I can appreciate. My only complaint is that this Petit Lancero has gone out on me twice thus far. The burn line thankfully has settled down back to normalcy.

Thirty minutes into this cigar I am really in love. This is a complex but consistent smoke. Now I am getting more of a spice that is kicking in but it isn’t taking away from my smoking experience.

As I near the end of this Petit Lancero, the cigar has settled into more of a medium body strength and the sweet and earthy flavors are more apparent. This is a deceptive cigar in which despite its small ring size you will get a nice hour-long smoke. Bonus.

Overall the Fuente Fuente Opus X Petit Lancero Cigar is truly an experience every smoker should get familiar with. This is a deep but flavorful smoke that is worth the double-digit price tag. A definite contender for my cigar of the year.

Let me know your thoughts if you have tried this Opus X line previously.

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    • Lx on November 8, 2010 at 3:06 PM
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    This cigar drives me wild

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