Dec 21

Tsovet SVT-AV76 Watch

Tsovet has a signature style of modern meets aviation. They are inspired by objects that last and by those making a lasting impression. Their SVT-AV76 model is an interesting blend of different materials with a great end result.

This Swiss made timepiece features matte PVD gun-metal on the casing, top ring, dial, buckle, and crown. Everything is anchored with an Italian Calf Strap.

The AV76 watch is limited to a production of 25 pieces and will be available at the top of 2011. The price tag is $1,995.00 which I think is a steal for a limited run watch like this. Cheers.


  1. lx

    This is good looking watch. I really like the price.

  2. The Ski & Critical Show

    Nice price for that kind of exclusivity!

  3. Andrew Osborne Sageturema

    This exquisite timepiece is anchored by the same reliable 20 jewel mechanical automatic movement cal.

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