Jan 09

Cocktail Party Etiquette

Now that the 2011 is here I keep hearing horror stories of New Year’s Eve hosts dealing with mixxie guests. Here are some tips that I think should always be understood when attending someone’s cocktail party.

Admittedly I have been guilty of not directly RSVPing by my online invite, but I do confirm my attendance regardless. If the host is building their menu based on attendance it is important that you communicate at least a “maybe”. If something comes up and you areĀ no longerĀ able to attend it is in poor taste not to give the host a heads up about your change of plans. You want to keep in mind that you want future invites to still come your way so show class when it comes to your availability.
The Attire:
This shouldn’t be said but always dress your best regardless if there is a preferred dress code requested or not. If the event is super casual still make an effort to keep it clean as you never know who you will meet. First impressions are last they say.
The Arrival:
Never come empty-handed. I have found that it is best to always bring something that will be used immediately at the function. While flowers are thoughtful, it doesn’t really make a proper hostess gift. If you are bringing a wine or spirit, don’t bogart it. If you are weary of the drink selection then bring two of your preferred bottle to play it safe. Additionally it is poor taste to brag about your gift to either the hosts or the other attendees, if someone ask then feel free to speak on your selection.
The Cocktail:
Always drink from a glass, never drink straight from the bottle or can. If you are sipping wine or champagne, hold the glass by the stem. Avoid placing your drink on any surface that may stain or easily fall over.
The Courtesy:
It is super tacky to ask any host if you can bring more than two people to the event. If it is a must, please communicate and confirm this with the host before hand. And if you do bring guests make sure you go over the specifics of who will be there and the relationships between the different attendees. You never want the individuals you invited to make a faux pas therefore tainting your reputation. Check in with your host prior the event to see if they need you to pick up any last-minute items. Finally for us smokers, always check in with the host before lighting up. Not everyone appreciates the smoke.
The Conversation:
Cocktails tend to free up truth and that can be tricky in a party setting. Hold back on touchy topics like religion, politics, etc. Avoid asking personal questions to new acquaintances but feel free to introduce yourself and mingle abroad.
If you have any tips that you think need to be added feel free to leave a comment below. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts. Cheers!

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    This is great advice. Thanks for the info

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