Feb 09

Liebherr XS 200 Cigar Humidor

Liebherr is making cigar care much easier for us with their XS 200 Humidor. This electric cigar refrigerator will leave you feeling confident that your cigars will emerge in perfect condition.

The XS 200 boasts precise temperature control, adjustable humidity settings and constant air circulation, with innovative airflow patterns.

Although laden with these and many other features including a  MagicEye with digital temperature display and digital humidity display, LED lighting, and Spanish cedar wood lining, the Liebherr XS 200 benefits from stunning yet subtle design and an unassuming footprint.

Even as long as I have been smoking cigars, keeping my humidor at the proper humidity levels during the winters months is a bit of a hassle. So a humidor that keeps the levels automatic would be a great asset to any lover of the leaf.

Priced at $2,600.00 dollars, I think the Liebherr XS 200 Humidor is worth every penny. Your collection is not complete without a place to call home. Cheers!


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  1. Lx

    Wow this is right up my alley

  2. cheap humidors

    This is the best Cigar Humidor i’ve ever encounter in my three years in collecting cigar humidor. Sadly to say, i can’t afford this Liebherr. : (

  3. Jeff

    I have had one for about a year now…It was difficult to find at first but I wound up getting it from http://www.leiberts.com

    The best thing about it is that I can go between 3-4 months before needing to add water.

    1. Martin


      Congratulations on the purchase. This humidor looks very impressive and I would love to own one myself. What temperture do you prefer?

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  5. Nizar Kam

    i would like to have ideas about stands /tables for this humidor. i just bought one recently and i really need advice on how best to place it in my living room

  6. Peter Pham

    What is the best temp to set up for this humidor?

    1. Martin


      I would suggest going with a consistent temperature of 69-70 degrees.

  7. Karin

    I love this humidor. 🙂

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