Mar 25

Aston Martin CPT002 Concept Phone

As I reported yesterday, auto maker Aston Martin is partnering up with Mobiado to produce a line of luxury phones. The Aston Martin CPT002 concept phone will do way more than make you mobile.

With the CPT002 you can turn your Aston Martin on or off, open the car without keys and takes your social networking experience to another level.

While driving the Aston Martin CPT002 will inform your friends on Foursquare on your whereabouts through a built-in GPS system on the phone. This same GPS feature will also direct you to the nearest parking opportunities.

More importantly the Aston Martin CPT002 is synced to the car. So if you are about to have an accident the phone will alert the airbags through its’ accelerometer and further secure the seatbelts for all passengers.

Visually this looks stunning. It is made of transparent sapphire crystal and is locked in with titanium edges on both sides.

This looks like a great piece of technology and I would love to see the Aston Martin CPT002 concept phone in person. Cheers!

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    • Lx on March 25, 2011 at 12:01 PM
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    Looks great

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