Apr 03

Louis Vuitton Cigar Humidors


Famed luxury brand Louis Vuitton is catering to cigar smokers as well with a collection of cigar humidors.

Each Louis Vuitton cigar humidor is made with mahogany wood with a Macassar ebony veneer finish and pear tree wood accents. Of course the inside is lined with cedar to provide proper humidity levels that is managed by a credo humidification system and hygrometer.

Louis Vuitton 150 Count Cigar Humidor $3,950.00

Louis Vuitton 75 Count Cigar Humidor $2,660.00

Louis Vuitton Travel Cigar Case $1,310.00

Each humidor is engraved with the signature Louis Vuitton monogram. These humidors are clearly a luxury statement as you can probably get identical generic humidors for 1/10th the price, but this is LV. Cheers!


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  1. Lx

    I can’t get enough of these humidors

    1. James Sykes

      Hello, I have a Louis Vuitton cigar travel case. The case is unused and in the origanal box and cloth cover. I am wondering if you were interested in buying the case. If not, do you know of the best auction which would be interested in it. Thank You. J. Sykes

      1. Mary

        James Sykes please email me on blonde_maco@hotmail.com as i am interested in it ! please leave me an asking price,

        thank you

  2. Dhanraj The Great®

    spicy little box…

  3. Peter from Tucson


  4. adiron

    I’ve just discovered your site and enjoy every article. I admire your talent.

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