Apr 24

The Men’s Pocket Square

Pocket squares are a great and economical way to add that extra touch to any suit or vest.

I love the option of adding a pocket square to my suits because it really opens up my options to pair colors and or contrast. The photo above is a perfect example.

Hermes Tocatta Pocket Square $115.00

Brooks Brothers Black White Silk Pocket Square $40.00

Drakes London Daisy Pocket Square $85.00

Saks Fifth Set Of 3 Pocket Squares $48.00

With the pocket square there are different folding techniques to compliment every suit. My favorite is the classic square-end fold but the wrap fold is one I plan to try this week. Here is an instructional video to achieve the wrap fold.

Please share your experiences with pocket squares and your success stories. Cheers!


  1. Was just in The Shirt Store…love the assortment of pocket squares there!

    • Lx on April 26, 2011 at 9:35 AM
    • Reply

    This is great information. thank you

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