May 01

Shoe Of The Week: Gucci Light Blue Suede Horsebit Moccasin

The Gucci Light Blue Suede Horsebit Moccasin is a perfect example of simplicity exceeding simple.

This Gucci formal features a suede upper, a sleek dark palladium buckle and an all leather sole. This is a great shoe that shall not be missed when you walk into any event.

The opportunities are virtually endless with this shoe as you don’t have to match it perfectly to make a fashion statement. You can break out the all white Summer suit or a some dark blue denim with this pair.

Your only concern with this purchase should be the upkeep. As we all know suede is very delicate and a touch of bad weather could ruin the color. The price tag is a cool $495.00. Cheers!


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  1. Lx

    I like the color but they look too narrow for my caveman feet

  2. The Sports Agent

    the shoes look real smooth…

  3. The Sports Agent

    i like the baby blue color, the shoes look real smooth…

  4. ZIP

    You are a very intelligent person!

  5. Shan

    YouЎЇre soooo gifted in writing. God is really using you in tremendous methods. YouЎЇre doing a excellent job! This was an incredible blog!

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