May 15

Domaine Danjean-Berthoux Givry 1er Cru La Plante 2008 Wine Review

Type: White wine
Color: Garnet Red
Grapes: Pinot Noir
Country: France (Burgundy / Givry)

The La Plante 2008 is a red wine, made by Danjean-Berthoux. It s origin is Givry 1er Cru in Côte Chalonnaise, Burgundy, France. It is made from the Pinot Noir grape. The bottle that I picked up was produced from their 2008 harvest.

This Pinot Noir has an amazing aroma. I got a nice bouquet of fruit on the nose that was very charming. After that I felt I was in for something really special.

Flavor Profile:
La Plante 2008 gives you a classic Pinot Noir taste that is rich in flavor. I found it to be a heavier wine that had a soft finish. I honestly was a bit disappointed during my first couple of sips though. This bottle came highly recommended and my first impression was that it was still a bit young. It wasn’t as well balanced as I had hoped. At times it seemed a bit watery.

I gave this Pinot a bit more time to decant and air out and things turned around for the better. This wine really opened up and the flavors became more pronounced. More importantly it showed more balance and had a dry snap to it on the finish.

La Plante 2008 is a full bodied wine that isn’t quite ‘bold’ but it will stay on your palette after the finish.

I experienced a moderately dry finish that was clean after the decanting period.

The Domaine Danjean-Berthoux Givry 1er Cru La Plante 2008 is a good wine that will only get better with aging. Wine experts might find this bottle young but it is still an enjoyable red. This 2008 would go great with a light pasta meal or even some grilled poultry. Cheers!



    • Lx on May 16, 2011 at 11:46 AM
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    I have to pick this bottle up

  1. I believe that a dacanter in the best wine accessory to have b/c it allows the consumer to experience every nuance the winemaker wanted you to enjoy.

    1. Yeah I didn’t let the wine settle in enough. My first glass was average. Twenty minutes later it was great. Has that happened to you before?

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