May 23

Mosieur Jean Yves Bow Ties

There is neck-wear and there are pieces of art. Consider Mosieur Jean Yves Bow Ties the latter.

Mosieur Jean Yves Bow Ties are masterfully crafted and are very unique to say the least. The one pictured above is made of peacock feathers.

La creme de la creme in my opinion is this all black satin stunner – spades have never looked better!

Mosieur Jean Yves is a French designer so head over to their website http://www.monsieurjeanyves.com/ for more information on these stellar neck ties. Cheers!

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  1. lx

    I think I like the first one

  2. Tessa

    I agree that the satin “spade” bowtie is the best of the three. It would bring any outfit up a notch on the style scale.

  3. Dhanraj The Great®

    These bow ties are extra spicy…

  4. pocketsquarez

    Check this collection of custom Reversible Bow Ties at http://t.co/fXeFtqz

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