Jun 05

Relax Cool Red Wine Review

Red Dornfelder
Color: Violet Red
Grapes: Dornfelder
Country: Germany (Rheinhessen)

Last year while in Miami I fell in love with Relax Riesling. I had heard that a red varietal was added to the Relax line up and I was instantly intrigued. Relax Cool Red is a German red wine made from 100% Dornfelder grapes and is meant to be enjoyed chilled.

On the nose I got a burst of strawberry and dark cherries that reminded me of a standard sangria. Unfortunately it didn’t give me much more than that as it tasted like sangria minus the real fruit flavor. It is a light to medium body showing with a dry finish and cranberry juice type taste that lingered on my palette. Overall I found Relax Cool Red to be underwhelming. Hopefully their Relax Rose is a worthier offering.

Verdict: Pass ($9.00)


  1. Liked that you exposed a rare varietal.

    • Lx on June 6, 2011 at 10:50 AM
    • Reply

    Have to try this and see

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