Jul 19

Louis Vuitton Slalom Sneaker In Suede

Louis Vuitton low top sneaker in suede calf leather with elasticized sides and removable anatomic insock from the Spring / Summer 2011 collection. The use of the marine blue with the brown trimming makes this a very cool looking shoe.

I would go with some shorts and a dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up for an effortless casual look that will give these sneaks the proper stage without forcing it.



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  1. lex

    I’m sure these will be very popular

  2. Anthony BK_ryatt

    These are hot!!! But @ $700/pair I’m not sure I will partake……that’s two airline tickets!

  3. MikeB

    I have the slaloms that look like these only they are a lighter blue color with white bottoms..Louie says theyre limited editions and they had 2 pairs left…cant find any info on them at all…anyone who knows what im talking about comment back

    1. Martin


      I am only familiar with these feature on Flawlesscrowns.com, the white pair, black pair, and beige pair. Can you take a photo of them?

  4. Lola

    I love when you talk about this type of things in your weblog. Possibly could you continue doing this?

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