Jul 29

Scarpe di Bianco Shoe Fall 2011 Collection

For the Fall, Italian shoe maker Scarpe di Bianco is mixing earth tones and elegance to wonderful results. Here are some key pairs from their upcoming collection.

Scarpe di Bianco SB798 Calf Skin Moro

Scarpe di Bianco SB796 Calf Skin Castagna

Scarpe di Bianco SB793 Norwegian Welt Reverse Stitch Calf Skin Radica

Scarpe di Bianco SB791 Calf Skin Camoscio Testa Di Moro Nero Fondente

Scarpe di Bianco SB790 Norwegian Welt Sestriere Scotch Grain Giallo

Scarpe di Bianco SB783 Calf Skin Nero Fondente

I love all these shoes. I have a special affinity for the calf skin Nero Fondente pictured above and Camoscio Testa Di Moro Nero Fondente with the dual textures. In my opinion brown is one of the more easier colors to pair due to its rich tone – so many possibilities. At press time there is no word on pricing. But stay tuned. Cheers!

Scarpe di Bianco

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  1. Love a man that wears nice shoes

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