Aug 04

Frederick Benjamin Grooming Products

With being a gentleman comes looking the part. That includes looking, smelling and feeling like a gentleman. Recently I had the pleasure of coming across Frederick Benjamin Grooming products. I have always been particular about the hair product I use and Frederick Benjamin will stay in my grooming rotation.

Depending on the weather, my scalp can get dry at times so I was excited to know that Frederick Benjamin Grooming products does not contain drying alcohols, synthetic fragrances or colorants. They are made from all natural oils and ingredients including spearmint, clove, nettle and hemp-seed.

I used the shampoo and felt an immediate difference in how it made my scalp feel. I felt a nice tingling sensation even after I rinsed out all the product. The entire portfolio includes shampoo, conditioner and a daily hydrator.

If you are looking for natural alternative to keeping your hair ready for the moment, than I highly recommend Frederick Benjamin Grooming.

Frederick Benjamin

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    • lex on August 5, 2011 at 12:35 PM
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    I will definitely try these products

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