Aug 24

Grand Marnier Quintessence

If you’re a fan of Grand Marnier, then you will be pleased to hear about the upcoming launch of Grand Marnier Quintessence. Quintessence is a very unique and rare blend of vintage cognacs from the Grande Champagne region of France that are aged up to 60 years.

The Cognacs used to create Quintessence are sourced from Grand Champagne, the most prestigious cru zone in the Cognac region. The age of these cognacs is from 25 to 100 years and have been carefully selected from the Grand Marnier Paradise. Specifically selecting our 1906 Grande Champagne and the 1955 Grande Champagne for the blend. Paradise is a special cellar where all our extra old cognacs are stored. In order to preserve absolute quality from the vintage, the cognac is actually taken out of the barrel after reaching maturity and put in large glass containers and then transferred to the Paradise Cellar. The oldest of our Paradise cognacs is 1875.

The production process of Grand Marnier Quintessence includes being combined with twice distilled citrus bigaradia essence and the peel of it is soaked in neat alcohol to create the first distillate. The profile is said to be full bodied and rich with flavor.

Grand Marnier has used the same bitter oranges selected for all of the brand’s marques. However, to produce Quintessence, a unique, exacting and time-honored Marnier recipe, called “double parfum,” has been implemented. This perfume is very delicate, subtle, fresh and richer than the traditional perfume. To create the “double parfum,” orange peels are macerated with the perfume of the first distillation. This is followed by a second distillation to further refine the flavor and produce the final result: an amazingly tantalizing and delicious flavor.

Grand Marnier Quintessence is going into limited production with only 2000 bottles hitting the market in September and will be priced at a cool $700.00. Cheers!

Grand Marnier Quintessence


    • lex on August 24, 2011 at 2:38 PM
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    I don’t drink Grand Marnier but I would like to try this

    • Jon Bon jovi on October 30, 2013 at 4:23 PM
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    France has fooled us.. There are more than 2000 bottles on the market now. I have a bottle with label number 1253. I’ve since discovered 2 bottles with higher numbers than 2000. Today I found one marked over the number 4000??? Knock the price down, it’s false advertisement.

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