Sep 14

Super ‘Retro Super Future Flat Top Small’ Sunglasses Fall/Winter 2011 Collection

SUPER had a very cool and colorful Fall / Winter package with its’ ‘Retro Super Future Flat Top Small’ collection. These frames are somewhat smaller than some of their previous frames and will provide a great contoured fit your face, yet they maintains the sleek and sharp look of its bigger brother.
Prices start at $220.00 for the collection. Cheers!

Super Retro Super Future


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  1. lex

    i like the green, brown and tan colors

  2. Obsetee

    My fave pair of sunglasses are Super… so well made and fresh to death. Made for the trendy and the classic.

  3. panagiotis kordalis

    You can find SUPER sunglassess at Choiceandattitude.com!

  4. Jose Kingsman z

    I have been wanting a pair of these glasses but I have figured out that there is no reason for me to have a nice pair of sunglasses.

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