Sep 27

Add Some Color With A Lacoste Goa Watch!

A gentleman of true style never shies away from color. If you fall in this category then consider these fun timepieces from Lacoste.

Lacoste Striped Goa Watch $95.00

Lacoste Pink Color Block Goa Watch $95.00

Lacoste Pink Striped Goa Watch $95.00

Lacoste Green Striped Goa Watch $95.00

Lacoste Blue Striped Goa Watch $95.00

Lacoste Purple Color Block Goa Watch $95.00

All of the pieces are fun and playful choices which feature printed silicone straps, 3 hand dials, a 40mm plastic case and a water resistance to 99 feet. Cheers!


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  1. lex

    I really like these

  2. BK_Ryatt

    I’m feeling the Blue or Green striped pieces.

    1. Martin

      Same here. The purple swatch is nice too. Definitely more of a Summer piece though.

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