Jan 03

Harun No.7 Fragrance Oil For Men

Harun No.7 Fragrance OilWearing fragrance oil is something that I have always had a connection to New York City. It is sold throughout the five boroughs in various scents. With that said I am very happy to share Harun No.7, the brainchild of Yassin Bey AKA Mos Def.

Harun No. 7 is a special blend of woodsy, spicy, Indian attar, with a refreshing citrus top note.  They combined original scents in their purest form to create a warm and refreshing scent that is distinctive and made for men, but also appeals to women.

The oils are bottled in Brooklyn, NY the cultural epicenter of America’s greatest city and contain Imported Attar from the Kamauj Uttar Padesh region of India.

Harun No. 7 is 100% natural and is free of alcohol and chemicals.  It can be used a a fragrance for the body. or burned in the home.


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    • lex on January 3, 2012 at 12:05 PM
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    I definitely will try this out

  1. I gotta find this in stores to smell it, mos def’s name is on it, it should be just fine

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