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BrandCJAY 35th Birthday Dinner At Nonna’s Table Restaurant

BrandCJAY 35th BirthdayEarlier this week I was asked to host a birthday celebration for a very good friend of mine BrandCJAY. Held at Nonna’s Table, this was an invite only dinner prepared by James Beard Award Winning Chef Ron Suhanosky. Needless to say the entire night was a moment.

Nonna’s Table is an Italian food shop that closed its’ doors for the event, as soon as you walked in you felt an intimate old Italian feel.

Nonna's Table Nonna's Table
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Guests where treated to a sparkling wine cocktail hour with freshly baked Italian bread, chicken liver pâté, prosciutto, Pecorino Romano cheese and other delicious appetizers.

Nonna's TableNonna's Table
For our first official course we were treated to a great opener of scallops & gnocchi with black garlic topped with grated cheese.

Nonna's TableFrom there we enjoyed handmade pasta with a bolognese sauce.

Nonna's TableNext up was a pan seared chicken with lemon and broccoli rabe which floored the entire table with great marriage of flavors and complexity.

Nonna's TableChef Ron was a class act throughout as he gave all the guests the background information and inspiration on each dish.

Nonna's TableMy favorite course of the night was this rich celery salad with figs and cheese that cleaned palette perfectly!

Nonna's TableAnd for desert a very delicious rice pudding with a chocolate chip biscotti.

Nonna's TableThe night was filled with great wines, conversation and people.

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@flawlesscrowns @brandcjayAgain this was a great occasion and I want to thank all that attended. A big thank you to Chef Ron Suhanosky for his great work with the dinner. I’ll definitely be back.

Happy birthday @BrandCJAY! Cheers!


    • Tess on January 6, 2012 at 2:41 PM
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    Looks like everyone enjoyed the meal and company. Is Nonna’s Table where I can find sample chef Ron’s creations or do I need to look elsewhere?

    1. Yes. Chef Ron Suhanosky left the Sfoglia restaurant to start Nonna’s Table. I will be reviewing his book “The Italian Table” next week.

    • lex on January 6, 2012 at 3:34 PM
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    very nice

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