Jan 31

The Sartorialist “Lunch For 25” Video

Famed photographer and cultural icon, Scott Schuman “The Sartorialist” hosted a private lunch for 25 gentleman in a quaint Trattoria in Florence Italy. The result is a classic short film that captures elegance, style, Italian charm, and camaraderie.

“About a year ago, Scott and I were sitting at a small Trattoria in Florence. The place looked amazing– not only the simple and traditional decor, but also the irreproducible Italian atmosphere and overall elegance of the gentlemen.

“Doesn’t this place look like the best fashion story ever?” I asked Scott.

“Yes!” He said, “Real, cool, diverse– It’s like if all the best dressed guys I know got together for lunch….. We should just do that!   Get my favorite guys together in one room, it would be so much fun. These guys have so much in common and yet, for most of them, their paths never cross. Just imagine, someone like Gianluca, with his dreadlocks and modern-minimalist aesthetic sitting next to Lino, with his old-school Italian charm…. Mr. Kurino and Simone Righi discussing their first suit, Kanye and Terron talking about whatever it is those two super funny characters could dream up… I’m just guessing, but I bet these guys would really hit it off.   What a great way to forge new friendships.”

“Scott… You should do it!!!” the idea sounded fantastic to me.

And that’s what Scott did. I can tell you, I was so jealous not to be in Florence for The Inaugural Sartorialist Lunch. But, here are a few photographs and a video to let you share the first of what we hope will become a biannual event that grows every year through a continually increasing diversity of style and deepening camaraderie between friends.

Hope you enjoy,

Garance & Scott”

This video should be viewed a couple of times as there so many gems to be found. Congrats to The Sartorialist for being a continued true inspiration. Cheers!

Via The Satorialist

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    This is fantastic!

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