Feb 01

Famous Faces By Hanoch Piven

Steve Jobs By Hanoch PivenArtist Hanoch Piven proves everyday objects make make for marvelous art with his Famous Faces series. Hanoch takes items relating to each subject that result in rather unique portraits. Take a look.

Albert Einstein By Hanoch PivenBarack Obama By Hanoch PivenBob Dylan By Hanoch PivenCharles Darwin By Hanoch PivenFidel Castro By Hanoch PivenGeorge Clooney By Hanoch PivenHillary Clinton By Hanoch Piven Jay Leno By Hanoch PivenJerry Garcia By Hanoch PivenKarl Marx By Hanoch PivenKeith Richards By Hanoch PivenKim Jon Il By Hanoch PivenTony Soprano By Hanoch PivenHanoch Piven

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    • lex on February 1, 2012 at 12:09 PM
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    Interesting art

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