Feb 29

iPad 3

iPad 3
Apple’s immensely popular iPad tablet is getting an upgrade in the iPad 3. Set to be unveiled March 7th, the iPad 3 will be an improvement on its predecessor in power, speed and functionality.

According to CNET, the iPad 3 will feature a higher screen resolution which will result in more realistic photos, videos, and gaming. Its’ speed will also be increased with a predicted A6 quad core chip.

With everyone loving the iPhone 4S,  look forward to utilizing the Siri on the iPad 3. Additionally a better camera is also in store for us which means sharper images and Facetime quality.

Apple iPad 3 Invite

Other rumored upgrades and changes includes body gesture styled controls like the XBOX 360 Kinect, a thicker frame and the absence of a home button in favor of an all touch display. No word on pricing but as an owner of the iPad 2 I must admit I am sold on Apple electronics so I am assuming another stellar effort by Apple with the iPad 3. Cheers!


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  1. […] As reported earlier this week, the Apple iPad 3 / The New iPad made a debut today via Apple CEO Tim Cook. The Apple iPad 3 features a sharper display to rival any living room HD television and a faster processor allowing users to enjoy this tablet like never before. […]

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