Mar 12

Spencer & Devon Premium Shea Butter Shaving Cream

Spencer & Devon Sagebrush Shaving CreamSpencer & Devon is a shaving cream brand that uses premium ingredients including Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Kaolin Clay, Salicylic Acid and other botanical extracts. As man that has very sensitive skin, this is a product I look forward to trying out soon.

Spencer & Devon Sagebrush Shaving CreamRugged like the outdoors, yet still sensibly civilized, our Sagebrush is always alluring, never overpowering. An unmistakably masculine shaving cream, scented with sage, cedarwood and pine needle essential oils, Spencer & Devon Sagebrush evokes the frontiersman, but with much better grooming. After all, you should always smell as good as you look.

Spencer & Devon Spice Scent Shaving CreamSophisticated, with an intriguing hint of the Far East.  Spencer & Devon’s Spice Shaving Cream is the perfect accent to start you going in the morning and last long into the evening. The exotic scents of cinnamon, bergamot and mandarin essential oils combine to create a hint of mystery. Maybe even a little romance.

Spencer & Devon Unscented Shaving CreamMaybe you have especially sensitive skin. Perhaps you do not like scented shaving cream. Or maybe you have your own signature scent and don’t want your shaving cream to compete. Whatever the reason, you cannot go wrong with our unscented shaving cream. It provides the same premium shave as Sagebrush or Spice, and without any added scents.  But be careful – our unscented shaving cream will leave your face feeling so smooth, clean and touchable, your favorite lady may want to use it herself.


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