Mar 13

Fruit Infusion Natural Flavor Pitcher


If you’re a fan of Sangria or just appreciate the fusion of real fruit flavor in your beverages than look no further. The Fruit Infusion Natural Flavor Pitcher features an innovative design that isolates the fruit while still letting your fresh fruit blend into any liquid.


Simply insert any cut fruit into the detachable center rod, fill the acrylic pitcher with your drink of choice, and get ready for a burst of natural fruit flavor—without the pulp or seeds.

This drink dispenser can even be continually refilled as you quench your thirst, without constantly having to replace the fruit.



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  1. reinya

    i love making sangria for my friends and family where do i purchase one of these ???

    1. Martin


      Just click on the price on this post and you will be taken to where you can purchase. Cheers!

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