Mar 20

Don Q Gran Añejo Rum Review

Don Q Gran Añejo Rum
Color: Light Amber
Country: Puerto Rico

Don Q is a historical Rum brand that is synonymous with the island of Puerto Rico. Leading their premium portfolio is Don Q Gran Añejo Rum. Consisting of a blend aged between three and twelve years, this is one of the best sipping rums on the market.

Before even enjoying Don Q Gran Añejo, you will be instantly impressed by the packaging. The bottle is encased in a gold-colored box with a stage curtain opening effect of elegance. Inside the Don Q Gran Añejo is set into yellow silk like cloth – needless to say this will make a great gift to any lover of rum or dark liquor alike.Don Q Gran Anejo RumOn the nose I got initial plush notes of vanilla and molasses that were truly inviting. As I continued I enjoyed some subtle spice notes as well.

Upon my first sip I was greeted with a complex flavor profile of earth, honey and caramel.The finish was smooth with a minimal burn that wasn’t too harsh. This is a medium bodied rum that I truly enjoyed while on the rocks but I imagine it to be a stellar mixer as well.

Don Q Gran Añejo Rum is the best of both worlds in my opinion. You get a great presentation that is matched with a premium sipping rum – a true win / win.


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    This rum sounds delicious

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