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How To Wear A Suit

Hackett London SuitThe business suit is the most important selection in men’s fashion and with good reason. When executed properly your suit will command a respect that can’t be duplicated by casual wear and your confidence will be improved all in one fell swoop.

Here are five easy to follow tips to optimize your suit profile.

A great off the rack suit always starts at the shoulder. The shoulder of your suit should be form fitting but not tight. This allows for your suit to be sculptured to your frame. Tailors can’t save a suit with an ill fitting shoulder so make sure if you get anything correct with a suit purchase is this body part. A precise fit will always make a moderately expensive suit look triple its’ worth.

The next most problematic area of a men’s suit is the waist. The jacket should be snug when buttoned which will trim your torso to the naked eye. Baggy jackets are the enemy of a well dressed man and even a small amount of breathing room in this area can take away from your look as in this Banana Republic single breasted suit below.

Banana Republic Single Breasted Suit3. THE SLEEVE
As a rule of thumb the sleeve should sit a half an inch above the shirt shirt cuff. This is pretty much standard fair for any suit whether it is off the rack or custom made. Leaving room for the shirt cuff to show exhibits a quiet grace that will let the room know you’re conscious of every detail.

Hackett London Suit 4. THE HEM
One tell tale sign of an ill fitting suit is when your trousers swallow up your shoe. There should be a slight separation between the hem and your shoe. Recent fashion trends have allowed for more of a highwater pant fit, but I always advise to stay classic.

Rose  And Born Suit
To bring the entire look together incorporate a windsor knotted tie, watch, and pocket square. Wearing a cheap watch with this look is like drinking Dom Perignon Champagne in a paper cup. Go for a leather strap watch with some detail that matches or blends in with the color of your belt and shoes. The tie and pocket square can match or contrast if you want to build some depth. These little intangibles will really make a your garment a dapper suit.



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    • lex on April 2, 2012 at 12:30 PM
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    good info

  1. Great tips man! And choices of suits. I’m in love with the first and last two looks. Very dapper.

    1. Thank you brother. Coming from you that’s a big compliment. Would love to have you do some guest posts as well. Let me know. Cheers!

  2. Love this post Martin! Never been a time when i came here and didn’t take away some great info! Last look is my favorite. Definitely agree with the Dom P analogy too…

    1. Thank you Eddie. Feedback like yours keeps me going. Cheers!

    • Danny on April 17, 2012 at 4:44 PM
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    I attend quite a few trade shows within my aviation industry and had a question regarding a name tag. Should we have a magnetic, nice shiny silver tag produced with a small company logo, name and title?

    I’m interested in everyones thoughts. Thank you.

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