Apr 15

Barrister Cigars, Union NJ

Barrister Cigars, Union NJBarrister Cigars

2565 Rt. 22 West
Union, NJ 07083

Cigar lounges are hard to come by – especially good ones. I’ve personally seen cigar lounges with great potential turn away loyal customers through high prices, dry cigars, rude management and lack of a warm ambiance. One cigar lounge I’ve heard nothing but great things about is Barrister Cigars. Located in Union New Jersey, it has become home to smokers throughout the tri-state area.

In regards to the cigar selection, Barrister Cigars features a roomy walk in humidor featuring a wide array of premium brands and their own private label cigars.

Barrister Cigars, Union NJThe ambiance of the lounge provides a comfortable smoking experience. Patrons can enjoy a cigar of their choice while enjoying a hair cut or viewing the ball game on the flat screen television.
Barrister Cigars, Union NJ
Barrister Cigars, Union NJYou can also take yourself or with some buddies to the club member area that is outfitted with plush leather comforter chairs.
Barrister Cigars, Union NJIn the main room is a great wall painting of the original Barrister Cigars artwork from the cigar brand this lounge was named after.
Barrister Cigars, Union NJAnother great detail to Barrister Cigars are the personal lockers. These boxes can be rented on a monthly basis which I think is a great option for any smoker.
Barrister Cigars, Union NJEven the story behind Barrister Cigars will spark your interest to visit. Owner David Mallow was a lawyer who basically put his practice on the side to follow his passion of cigars and Barrister Cigars was born in May 2007.

Overall I can’t wait to make an in person visit to Barrister Cigars. If you find yourself in north Jersey, then make a point to see what I keep hearing about in person. Long ashes!

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  1. Great Review, and a great spot to go too.. we need to set something up ASAP…

    • Dax on April 16, 2012 at 1:51 PM
    • Reply

    This lounge is in my daily rotation of shops in jersey. Great owner and staff. Whenever you want to go let me know and I will make sure you have a proper time. Cheers

  2. Do you know what this is? This is a smoker’s heaven. I think a smoker can loose his mind over the thousands of different brands of smokes that can be found there.

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    These type of articles keeps the users interest in the
    website, and keep on sharing more … good luck.

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