Apr 17

Put This On: “The ‘Lo Heads” Video Feature

In my teenage years and early twenties I was a Polo Ralph Lauren fanatic. Everything I wore from head to toe, including undergarments, was Polo. Since then I have thankfully diversified my style. The ‘Lo Heads is a video feature highlighting enthusiasts within this subculture and their pledge to the flag, pony, and teddy. Respect due to Flawlesscrowns.com supporter Dallas Penn for being a true ambassador.

Unfortunately my mother threw out most of my collection when I first moved to my first apartment. Thankfully I have a few things from that time period that are still near and dear to my heart including this Polo Sport wallet that is very rare.

Vintage Polo Sport Ralph Lauren Wallet
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  1. lex

    this is great

  2. ski

    LOVE THIS POST….classic material!

  3. ski

    WOOOW…dude was in Another Bad Creation hahahaha.!

    Dat ish CRAY!

  4. Whatevaok

    2 Ls Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Eli Cormier

    I just scored one of these today at a thrift store, mines green haha

  6. joshhinch1997

    got one of these wallets in Silver/Grey and Navy… Anyone know how much this is worth? Uk or US price is fine 🙂

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