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Rocky Patel The Edge Candela Toro Cigar Review

Rocky Patel The Edge Candella Toro Cigar Review
Binder: Secret
Wrapper:  Habano Seed Candela
Filler: Secret
Length: 6
Ring Gauge: 52

Rocky Patel Cigars is a brand I really favor and Rocky Patel is one of my favorite cigar guys. Their company in my opinion is very much for the smoker and it is reflected in their releases and pricing. Their newest cigar The Edge Candela is a great smoke and will sure improve the view of the rarely used green wrapper.

Rocky Patel The Edge Candela Toro Cigar ReviewThe Rocky Patel Edge Candella Toro is big with character all over it. The pea green wrapper is very much a rarity due to it’s diminished popularity since the 1970’s. Used here it is smooth to the touch and features veins throughout.

Rocky Patel The Edge Candela Toro Cigar ReviewUpon lighting this cigar I got a reminder of why this is included in The Edge series with an upfront full body strength. I went with a punch cut so my draw was perfect with enough smoke on each pull with a nice resistance to balance the intake. It burned nice and slow which resulted in about an hour and a half smoke. The light grey ash was very sturdy but the cigar did go out on me a couple of times.

Rocky Patel The Edge Candela Toro Cigar ReviewAs far as the profile, the Rocky Patel Edge Candela Toro is a very flavorful smoke that starts out full in the first third but cools down toward the second and final third. Consistent throughout was a peppery tone that never got too hot or spicy for me – and I hate spice. On top of that spice there is a very unique sweet taste to it that I couldn’t place my finger on.
Rocky Patel The Edge Candela Toro Cigar ReviewThe Rocky Patel The Edge Candela Toro is complex and straightforward all at once. You’ll get a couple things happening at once as far as flavor but how the smoke progresses shows finesse and nice balance. Due to it’s upfront strength I would recommend this as a fine afternoon or nighttime smoke that will pair nicely with Cognac. Long ashes!


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  1. I’m a Rocky Patel fan so I will look for this for my next smoke.

    • Carlo on May 1, 2012 at 10:52 PM
    • Reply

    I got to try the Edge Candela as well as the “Burn” house cigar down at Burn in Naples last week and was thoroughly glad I did!

    1. Great! I can’t wait to visit the Burn Lounge. It looks like a one of a kind lounge. Long ashes!

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