Sep 04

Men’s Fall 2012 Style Essentials Fall 2012 Style Essentials


Fall 2012 is here. So not only the weather is changing but the scope of your closet should too. When I think of cooler temperatures layering immediately comes to mind. This is when you can get real adventurous with textures and accessories.

For your privileged prep aspirations you can’t go wrong with a dark suit that you can feature neutral tones. Driver shoes are still such a style win continue to invest in your collection. Finish the look with a decorative scarf to complete the look.

For your weekend and or off the clock time, the varsity jacket is a great choice. Regardless of your age the varsity jacket will position your look as youthful and vibrant. Add a white t-shirt and some denim and the cool is born.

Each of us have a unique sense of style but I feel all of these items speak to the modern gentleman who wants all things well tailored.



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