Sep 09

Courvoisier Launches Courvoisier Gold

Courvoisier Gold

A first of its kind, Courvoisier Gold is a light and exquisite cognac experience that is crafted with a delicate blend of Moscato wine from the South of France and Courvoisier’s signature cognac, and is yet another example of the revolutionary spirit that defines the cognac house.

Courvoisier Gold’s light and accessible flavor profile offers consumers a flirty and sophisticated beverage, perfect for any occasion. The spirit features intense notes of Moscato grapes, pear, peach and florals with a touch of orange blossom.

When sipped, it is round in the mouth, with notes of honey harmonizing with the rich and complex aromas of the house’s signature cognac. The 36-proof liquid is packaged in Courvoisier’s iconic Josephine bottle and is best served chilled, on the rocks or mixed in cocktails for a refreshing and approachable taste experience.

Courvoisier GoldSounds like an interesting flavor profile – we can’t wait to try. Courvoisier Gold will retail around $25.00 dollars. Cheers!
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  1. I can’t wait to try this.

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