Sep 11

How Long should You Spend Preparing for Your Microsoft Certification Exam?

No matter which Microsoft certification exam you may be preparing for, you’ll need to invest enough time in your studies to really learn the materials required for passing your test. The level of exam and the complexity of the subject matter will certainly affect the timetable for learning the topics that will appear on the exam. Your own learning habits and abilities will also be instrumental in the time frame of you knowledge acquisition. In addition to these crucial details, your experience level in dealing with the technologies or products in which you’re pursing certification will also play a part in your study agenda and overall time commitment.


Because each individual learns differently, comprehends materials they read at different rates, and has other unique learning criteria, there is no standard timeframe for preparing to take a Microsoft certification exam. That being said, you should anticipate spending at least a couple of months on learning the materials for an entry level certification exam. Professional level exams and master level certification exams from Microsoft require significantly more time on average, with most individuals committing anywhere from three to six months to a more advanced certification exam.

There are of course things you can do to shorten the overall time frame for your prep studies. Sticking to a consistent study schedule, with a minimum number of hours of prep work per week is essential. Using a good exam prep service like is also advisable.

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