Oct 21

Harlem World: Dapper Dan

I’ll be honest – I don’t really care for current day Harlem. For some reason the vibe isn’t for me. But I’ve had a love for old Harlem ever since I can remember. From the playing an integral part in Jazz, giving Malcolm X a platform to fight for people of color, and the style that 70’s and 80’s continue inspire – Harlem has so much history.

Someone who is synonymous with 80’s fashion is Dapper Dan. His groundbreaking style filled a void for people in the inner city who wanted to be fashionable. Well I was happy to see Dan has been Harlem all this time and now is plotting a comeback.

Dapper Dan CoatDapper Dan LL Cool JDapper Dan CoatDapper Dan HarlemDapper Dan ArticleDapper Dan HarlemDapper Dan HarlemI look forward to reading Dapper Dan’s forthcoming book. Cheers!




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