Dec 09

Mickey Finn Apple Whiskey Liquor Review

Mickey Finn Apple Whiskey Liquor
Type: Blended whiskey
Color: Amber brown
Country: United States

The legendary Mickey Finn was an Irishman who emmigrated to the USA. He would soon settle in Chicago and open up the famous The Lone Star & Palm Garden bar on Whiskey Row. Mickey’s cocktails became the talk of Chicago and now Mickey Finn Apple Whiskey Liquor is a homage to his amazing drinks.

Mickey Finn is fun in a bottle. Once you open it you’ll get aromas of apples, sweetness, and tartness. I expected to be overpowered by a sugary sweetness but I was pleasantly surprised by the balance here.

It is not syrupy – it’s more like a light sweetness. You definitely get the taste of Irish apples in a clean fashion that doesn’t leave your palette with a chemical after taste.

Even better I still got a nice warmth from the whiskey profile that didn’t burn but still gives this bottle some edge.

I popped this bottle open during Thanksgiving and shared with my Mother. Typically she doesn’t go for whiskey but I just mixed Mickey Finn with some orange juice and she was hooked.

This is definitely a bottle you want to keep around when your inspired to make some fun cocktails. Cheers!


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