Feb 11

Style Wars: Grammy Awards 2013 Men’s Fashion

Justin Timberlake 2013 Grammy AwardsWhile the 2013 Grammy Awards didn’t wow me in terms show value, I was still very much impressed with some of the men’s style. I was hoping to see some more color this year opposed to all the black we were shown last year at the 2012 Grammy Awards. The black remained but it was served with different touches. Ironically the color I was asking for didn’t do much for me. Nevertheless here my fashion observations for the night.

Justin Timberlake returned to the Grammys looking sharp in a one button shawl tuxedo that featured subtle wave pattern detail. This profile is an ode to the 1930’s so the shoes work.

Nas 2013 Grammy AwardsAs a huge fan of Nas, I was a bit disappointed with his suit. The bronze jacket just seemed to be a miss here as it was ill-fitting and uninspiring.

Chris Brown 2013 Grammy AwardsChris Brown cleaned up well with a stark white color and no sight of any neckwear. The icy suit was tailored fitted to his frame thus giving him a real sharp profile. The black buttons and belt give this outfit depth without forcing the issue. Moving forward he should remove the suit label from his left sleeve.

Drake 2013 Grammy AwardsThe one button blazer trend was continued here with Drake. Like I said earlier I wanted color but it didn’t inspire me much and the same can be said with this ensemble. Additionally I’m not a fan of the satin detail on the trouser – it is always on the borderline of waiter and or groom.

Trey Songz 2013 Grammy AwardsHere Trey Songz kept it all the way classic with a black tuxedo with floral details. Notice the cut of the suit adds some weight to his slim frame where it is not too tight nor he is swimming in his clothing. additionally the accessories are kept to a minimum with a stark white handkerchief. Well played.

FUN 2013 Grammy AwardsWhile FUN’s outfits don’t speak to my personal comfort zone, I can still appreciate their individual flair for indie style.

Miguel 2013 Grammy AwardsAgain the stark white gets a thumbs up from me as Miguel dons it along with some studded Doc Martin’s and a leather shirt. This works very well for him and brought some much-needed spice to the red carpet.

Hit Boy 2013 Grammy AwardsIn my humble opinion producer Hit Boy was best dressed at the 2013 Grammy Awards. The blazer is right on with a wide satin peak lapel and a subtle dot printing. The neckwear is an awesome velvet purple bow tie to match his purple slippers. You can tell he really thought this out as the handkerchief is white so the purple stands out. Additionally the lack of socks brings a bit of youth to this sophisticated offering by Hit Boy. Great job!

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