Feb 19

ESPN’s “Gotta be the Shoes” Celebrates 50 Years of Jordan Video

“It’s hard to believe he is 50 years old, because in my mind I’m still a child while watching him play.” – Ray Allen
Growing up there was no denying Michael Jordan’s impact on my culture. From his style on the court to the footwear, he was IT. Now that he turns 50, ESPN looks back at his legacy. Enjoy.

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    • Mxolisi on February 21, 2013 at 7:19 AM
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    Iconic. My GOAT Jordan is the 12. The original, with white and dark blue. The most comfortable Jordan I ever played in, the 13s. Cushioning thoughout, soft interior, strapped ankle, great shoe all round. Of course some people will differ, natch.

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