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XOR Pocket Square Collection

XOR Pocket Square


XOR was launched by Ron Suhanosky as a bespoke brand of handmade accessories for men and women. The idea for the brand was born over the summer of 2012 when Ron, working as a professional chef, began making elegant one-of-a-kind pocket squares for friends as gifts.

Every XOR pocket square is individually designed and sewn from fabrics such as linens, silks, and cotton blends for spring/summer, and taffetas, wool blends, and herringbones for fall/winter. Bound with silk ribbon in a contrasting color, each pocket square carries its own sensibility for accenting a suit, blazer, or overcoat with a pop that will have everyone asking ‘where did you get that?’

XOR Pocket Guide

XOR Pocket Square
XOR Pocket SquareXOR Pocket SquareXOR Pocket SquareXOR Pocket SquareXOR Pocket SquareXOR Pocket SquareXOR Pocket SquareI love what Ron Suhanosky did with XOR. This is a very vibrant collection full of rich colors, unique patterns and a clear attention to detail. I look forward to sporting some of these pieces this Summer – especially during Hamptons season. Cheers!


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