Apr 18

888poker Mobile App Review [Sponsored Post]

888poker mobile app

Admittedly I am not a casino kind of guy but I do fancy a good game of cards. I recently came across the 888Poker Mobile App that allows me to play on my phone with very little hassle.

Apparently 888poker has long been one of the premier online gambling destinations for newbie and hardcore players alike. I was recently with one of my employees waiting for a meeting to start and I saw him playing it and I was instantly intrigued.

888poker offers between 9 or 6 player cash games. Currently, 888poker supports several Texas Hold’em variants including NL (No Limit), FL (Fixed Limit) and PL (Pot Limit). With those games to choose from newcomers, like myself, should try out the Beginner’s Lobby where you can really get your feet wet in terms of learning how to navigate through the application. Once you feel comfortable with the speed of the game you can really see what you are made of in the Cash Lobby which is positioned for more seasoned players.

With 888poker users have a variety of betting options that can be customized depending on your preferred minimums and maximum bets. Also you get a free $88.00 bonus with no deposit needed when you sign up for the Android app.

In terms of the competition I felt that I was able to keep up with my opponents in terms of the speed and the skill. Be forewarned as good as you maybe in real life the majority of the game is based on the cards dealt and there many decks. I found myself loosing when I thought I had a strong hand. Nevertheless I still had fun competing.

The 888poker mobile app is free to download and isn’t that large of file. If you want to get a taste of the casino life without the cheap booze and cigarette smell, check it out.

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