Feb 25

888Casino App Review

888Casino App

Months ago I came across an application called 888 Poker. I originally thought it was going to be something I would frequent from time to time. Fast forward to now I’m also hooked on their new app 888casino.

One thing that keeps me on 888casino is the ease of use. I was able to get the hang of everything within the first two to three tries. Additionally it is very functional with good betting options, settings  and overall operating speed making my mobile gaming experience pleasant.

Once I downloaded the 888casino app I was instantly addicted with several rounds of blackjack, slots and video poker. I spent a couple of days in the practice area to sharpen my skills. Since then I have upped my game with some real cash betting and have won on some real money tables. When I won I had no issues when I cashed out.

Even if you’re a newbie to online gaming, 888casino will having you upping the ante before you know it. Let me know your thoughts when you do!



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