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Hall 2011 Ellie’s Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Review

Hall 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Review
Type: Red Wine
Color: Brick Red
Grapes: 91% Cabernet, 6% Cabernet Franc, 3% Melot
Country: United States (Napa Valley)

Wine is a passion of mine. So when I come across a memorable selection I am inspired to tell all that will listen about it. The 2011 Hall Ellie’s Cabernet Sauvignon is my newest discovery.

While I generally prefer Pinot Noir for red wines, this Cabernet impressed me as soon as I uncorked it. On the nose I got aromas of black berry, spice and a tiny hint of caramel. Upon my first sip I tasted a big wine that was very complex. The flavor profile was layered with a great concentration of dark fruit that is complimented with a dryness that provides it nice balance.

This is truly as full bodied as you get in terms of Cabernet so I recommend pairing it a meal. I enjoyed it with baked salmon and it complimented the fish so well. If you are into cheese like I am I suggest going with richer ones including Asiago, Stilton, Roquefort and sharp cheddar.

Overall the Hall 2011 Ellie’s Cabernet Sauvignon made a great impression on me. If you are into big, brooding wines with black fruit, then look no further. This is a bottle you will want to track down.


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