May 26

Chanson Royale Brut Rosé Sparkling Wine Review

Chanson Royale Brut RoseType: Sparkling Wine
Color: Radiant Pink
Grapes: Unknown
Country: France

One of the most enjoyable things about wine to me is the search. Some of my favorite all time selections I came across by venturing to different shops. A couple of weeks ago I was in search of a sparkler and the Chanson Royale Brute Rosé stood out to me immediately.

Chanson Royale is packaged for more premium than its’ $9.99 price point would suggest. The bottle bears no traditional labeling but instead features a screen printed floral theme that goes well the rosé profile.

Chanson Royale Brut Rosé Sparkling WineUpon opening the bottle I was greeted with a very lively wine with a lot of bubbles. On the nose you’ll be lured in with aromas of black cherry and currant.
With my first taste I was really impressed with this wine considering the very economical price point. This is a medium bodied sparkler that shows a nice balance between dryness and fruit flavors.

While it isn’t masterfully complex, the Chanson Royale Brut Rosé is well worth the money if you are looking to add some sparkle to a picnic, aperitif or a night with a special someone.



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