Oct 31

Berentzen Bushel & Barrel Apple Whiskey Review

Berentzen Apple Bourbon WhiskeyType: Whiskey
Color: Medium Amber
Country: Germany

Flavors are still trending high across most spirit categories so it is no surprise the German Berentzen gives America’s favorite fruit a try for their straight bourbon whiskey. The results are delicious.

Bushel & Barrel Apple Whiskey gave me a great first impression with a rather beautiful nose that gave me aromas of apples, oak and cinnamon. Literally it is seductive; it smells so good I took several sniffs to really enjoy the bouquet.

I chose to enjoy Bush & Barrel on the rocks so I can really see how would stand amongst other flavored spirits and it did not disappoint. This bourbon is very straightforward; the apple is the dominant flavor but it is balanced so well you don’t get overpowered by sweetness.

Additionally Bush & Barrel is crisp and very smooth with very minimal bite. So smooth that I shared with some of my female friends who normally stick to wine and they found it refreshing as well. It has a medium plus body that will give you enough texture without being too heavy and syrupy.

Priced at $22.00 USD, Berentzen Bush & Barrel Apple Whiskey should be on everyone’s must try list. If you smoke consider a mild to medium bodied cigar to compliment the soft apple flavors. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Via Berentzen

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