Jun 12

JORD Sully Series Wood Watch Review

Jord Sully Black & Maple Watch

The watch is such an important aspect of style. Timepieces not only reflect how a man carries himself but can also give insight on his personal tastes and ambitions. JORD Watches recently offered us to join a select group of style influencers to be brand ambassadors. With their commitment to quality we were more than happy to oblige.

Our choice was the Sully Series Black & Maple selection.

Jord Sully Black & Maple Watch

What makes the Sully Series unique is the color profile. Two contrasting wood finishes are used to give the watch a distinct flair that is subtle but very sophisticated. The face features large numbering that is bold but never sacrifices the integrity of the piece.

Jord Sully Black & Maple Watch

The packaging is also what makes JORD unique. Each piece is housed in a wooden box with the JORD logo branded on top. The actual wood watch is set on a wool mini pillow to help keep its’ form. Additionally a microfiber cleaning cloth is included to help you keep your watch red carpet ready. All these presentation elements give the brand such a huge point of difference making it an ideal choice for gift giving.

Jord Sully Black & Maple Watch

In terms of styling, we suggest keeping it classic when incorporating the Sully Wood Watch into your looks. It is a solid piece that can stand alone or blend in nicely with the proper complimenting accessories. Let us know your thoughts on JORD in the comments section below. Cheers!


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    • Shallowcal on July 5, 2015 at 1:13 PM
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    This is really a classic piece of work. I can’t properly express the beauty yet ruggedness of it’s simplicity. Wonderful watch.

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