Nov 02

Live Your Passion

Don Julio

What are you passionate about? And more importantly what fuels it? Having a passion for what you do is critical to me for several reasons. After watching a recent video about Don Julio González-Frausto Estrada and the humble beginnings of Don Julio Tequila, these feelings have once again been reconfirmed.

As published writer, blogger, marketer and more importantly father, I am driven by my passions. It’s very black or white with me too. Either I am all in, after diving head first into a project, or I am totally detached to the point of boredom. Oddly the idea for was birthed out of that same monotony. I wanted to create something that spoke to men who sought the very best in life. An online destination where gentlemen of leisure can read up on a great cigar, a beautiful wine to pair it with and some style direction to help them perfect the moment.

I never imagined that this platform would have been profitable by any means; I just wanted the content to be honest and inspire others to be great. Little by little I made progress. I got readers to trust me and I got reputable brands to support me. Five years later my brand has reached unforeseen heights.

Created to celebrate Dia de los Muertos, a traditional Mexican day dedicated to honoring the deceased; in the video titled ‪Don Julio. The Man, The Legend, Don Julio tells the story of how he launched his own distillery. He had very little money but was driven by his passion for Tequila. He was able to gain the trust of an investor to get the financial backing and chased his passion.

Initially Don did all the work himself from the planting, tending, harvesting and aging. Overtime his mantra of “work hard with honesty and never judge anyone’ paid off. Now 72 years later Don Julio Tequila is a brand that is synonymous with excellence.

It is my hopes that the legacy that I leave will be as true as Don Julio González’s intention when he planted his first agave plant. Find your passion.

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