Nov 06

Honeywine White Wine Review

Honeyvine White Wine


Type: White Wine
Color: Orange Blossom
Country: United States (California)

Flavored wine is gaining popularity. Honeyvine looks to introduce a touch of honey to the category. The result is a light, crisp and tasty offering.

Honeyvine White Wine is a modern twist on the ancient honey drink, called mead, which dates back to early civilizations.

On the nose we got a crisp bouquet of honey and light hints of citrus. There is an obvious round fruit aroma but it did not give us the impression that this selection would be sugary sweet.

Upon tasting we knew Honeyvine was in a class of its’ own. The profile is of a classic oaky chardonnay but with an underlying honey coating that makes for a juicy finish. You get a dry but not too sweet offering that is light, refreshing and most importantly flavorful; perfect for a summer outing and or picnic.

In terms of pairings we are thinking seafood all the way with either grilled shrimp or crab tartare.

Honeyvine is priced right and taste great. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. Cheers!


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