Mar 15

Junghans Max Bill Automatic Men’s Watch

Junghans Max Bill Automatic Men's Watch

Some timepieces are just timeless. We at Flawless Crowns prefer simplicity when it comes to our watches. Vintage designs have been enjoying a resurgence and it is only right we pay homage. The Junghans Max Bill Automatic men’s watch is a perfect example.

Junghans Max Bill Automatic Men's Watch

This watch features a stainless steel housing and a convex hard Plexiglass. The face is matt silver-plated and the band is made of calf skin.

Junghans Max Bill Automatic Men's Watchq

What makes this piece so attractive is the contrast. The white face on the black strap gives this watch such a classic appeal; you really can’t go wrong here.

The price ranges from $800.00 to $1,100.00. Share your thoughts on this watch in the comments section. Cheers!

Via Junghans

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