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Alton Lane Tailored Suit Review

Alton Lane ReviewFlawless Crowns was originally founded in 2009. It was our hopes to inspire men from all over the world to seek the very best in every area in life. For years I have wanted a made to order suit. My dreams came true with Alton Lane.

Alton Lane provides men the opportunity to custom make suits, tuxedos, shirts and trousers. You can either submit your measurements online or come in for an appointment; I chose the latter.

Located in the Flatiron District of Manhattan, their operation is half showroom and half club house. Different types of fabrics are on display with a flatscreen television playing ESPN and a bar with several dark liquors to get you relaxed.

Alton Lane Review

The first step was to choose your material which takes a bit of time considering to what seemed hundreds of selections. Their basics start around $400.00 and go all the way up to about $2,000.00. The options they provide for customization will overwhelm you if you do not have clear direction of what you desire; thankfully the staff will walk you through the process.

I originally wanted a blood red suit but the reds they offered weren’t what I had in mind. So I went with a blue tuxedo.

Alton Lane Review

You choose your shirt collar, lapel style, button slots, lining, monograms, pockets, waist closure, hem, cuff and more. As you make your decisions they are locked into your profile via an iPad for safe keeping.

After you make your selections it is time for measurements. Aside from the standard chest, waist and arm length sizing, they also measured to ensure both arms were indentical which they were not in my case. I had put on some muscle in the last 90 days so they paid extra attention to how the tuxedo jacket would fall from my shoulders to my lower back. I felt my direction about this tuxedo being form fitting was being honored.

Once the measurements were done, I was ready to go. I was I told my suit would be back in 8 weeks but it only took 5 weeks.

Alton Lane Review

I returned to do a final fitting which was painless. The same stylist who had helped me previously was there on my second visit. There before me was my tuxedo, it looked very sharp. It wasn’t until I tried it on I knew I would never go back to off the rack suiting.

Alton Lane Review

My tuxedo truly felt like a one of one as it fit perfectly to every part of my body. Only a couple of slight touches were needed to be made and I believe it was due to me gaining additional mass from the weightlifting program I had engrossed myself in at the time.

Alton Lane Review

Pictured below is me at my final fitting. If you notice there is a little room in the waist section. Additionally there was a slight bunching up on the back of the neck.

Alton Lane Review

A week later I picked up the final product and it was flawless; pun included. Here I am a couple of weeks ago.

Alton Lane Review

This night I was on the dance floor with my wife heavy and the material flowed with my every step. I was beyond happy.

If you have the opportunity to custom make your own suit, I advise you to take it. You only live once and so make sure you are groomed and well tailored. Cheers!

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    • k on April 14, 2017 at 4:15 AM
    • Reply

    The trousers are pulling in all directions also you have no room in your thighs. Yes the look of taylor made clothes is something unique when done well, but it does not look done well in your case. I think Macy’s would have done a better job.

    1. K,

      Thanks for your comment. Actually the trousers do not pull in different directions; not sure how you came to that conclusion.

      Additionally I have enough room in the thigh area. Maybe you like more of a loose cut, but I prefer my clothing to be formfitting.

      Lastly I’m sure Macy’s does great work but we will always go with a bespoke service as the pieces are specifically created and tailored to your style and measurements.


      Martin Jean

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