Apr 12

Crown Royal Whisky To Release Limited Edition Cornerstone Blend

Crown Royal Cornerstone Blend

Crown Royal continues to chase perfection with their new Noble Collection. The first expression from this annual series is the Cornerstone Blend.

The Cornerstone Blend is a unique blend of three different whiskies. The blend consists of 61 percent “bourbon style” whisky (60 percent corn, 36 percent rye, 4 percent malted barley), 33 percent of a high rye (96 percent rye, 4 percent malted barley) whisky, and 6 percent of Crown’s coffey rye.

It features the same mash bill as the bourbon style whisky but distilled with Crown’s famed coffey still. The youngest whisky in the blend is eight years, and while it’s undisclosed which component that is, it’s likely the “bourbon style”, as it’s the bulk of the blend.

Crown Royal Cornerstone Blend will be available later this month and is set to be priced around at $59.99. We should be previewing this very soon and knowing our history with Crown Royal, we have very high hopes. Cheers!

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    • calvin white on May 18, 2016 at 8:55 AM
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    Crown royal noble cornerstone makes the best for Manhattan in the world!

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